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Who are we?


Craft and dedication for
exquisite products.

Generation after generation, Milà family has been inspired by a clear and
concise motivation, elaborate our products with skill and dedication.

Alfred Milà was born in family of bakers, reason why founded Elaborats Milà in 1991, but the sweet cake Milà Family elaboration origin took place in 1900 at the seaside Barceloneta fishing port of Barcelona. Finally, the 4th generation of Milà family established the business in Sant Just Desvern.

The most careful attention is given to the selection of our prime raw
materials quality, to give the highest one to our products. In fact, the more attention is given to our raw sources, the best finished product have we to guarantee the best quality of our cakes.


Now, as the 4 th generation we are, the grandchildren still elaborate the
same traditional recipe that perfected our grandfather Joan. However, the
family vocation and innovation still is latent nowadays in our newly
presented line of products.

MDALEN is pioneer in the investigation of new products combined with the knowledge career path.

Our team: Family

For us, dedication to our traditional procedure is just, as important, as the finished product quality. Because of that, dedication for each batch of our cakes is our badge of identity. Furthermore, our qualified staff always give their very best with their heart.

Elaborats Milà is a perfect combination of well-done work, experience and
dedication, that give the best results in the design and creation of our
delicious products.

These values have been inherited generation to generation and that is how
we continue improving our products, though the years.